Guy Orbison, Jr.


Born: June 26, 1949, Dallas, Texas

Family: Married Mary Roe, May 22,1970 Three children: Mary Mikal (“Mikie”) - married to Jarren Kindsfather on Aug. 9, 2003; two children: Jaxen and Macie. Gabrielle Elizabeth - Working as resource tech for Irving School District in Irving, TX; married to Craig McCollum on June 20, 2004. Joshua Jonathan - works for Red Lobster in Denver; wife, Lisa; married August 7, 2014; one child: Lincoln

Education and work history: 1967 Graduated from Kellogg High School, St. Paul, Minnesota (my father was engaged in mission work in Minnesota) 1967-1970 Attended ACU; Psychology major; (was a senior when I decided to preach and left to enroll at Bear Valley School of Preaching) 1970-1973 Graduated from Bear Valley School of Preaching, Denver, CO 1973-1974 Worked as associate minister in St. Paul, Minn. (with Lloyd Wheeler) 1974-1976 Bear Valley elders asked me to return to Denver to serve as Youth Minister. I also taught a few courses in the School of Preaching. I worked with Roy Lanier, Jr. on a teen section of Rocky Mountain Christian newspaper. 1976-1981 Pulpit minister for the Price Road congregation in Brownsville, TX; was involved in a 15 minute daily radio program; originated and published the Valley-Wide Christian newspaper for 5 years. 1981-1988 Returned to Abilene Christian University for further education and was asked to preach for the church in Clyde, TX. ACU degrees: 1982 - B.S. in Bible 1983 - M.A. in Biblical and Related Studies 1984 - M.Div. - Master of Divinity Degree 1988 - present Moved to Durango, CO to be pulpit minister; served as staff writer for Rocky Mountain Christian for 22 years; wrote weekly article published in local Durango Herald for 12 years; articles appear in other brotherhood publications; hold up to 20 gospel meetings each year; speak at family camps and lectureships each year; 1993 mission effort to Bulgaria; directs annual “Workshop in the Word” for preachers for the past 22 years; asked to conduct similar annual workshop in Arizona, beginning in 2013 called, “Tackling the Text;” and another workshop to begin April, 2017, “Searching The Scriptures;” created with brother, Charley, the Texas Crossword which appears in 84 Texas newspapers; began in May, 1997 a monthly publication, “Working in the Word” a resource for serious Bible students; began a preacher training program in Durango, 1998 and have graduated 22 men into full-time preaching and usually have 3 men in full-time training; Stepped down from the Durango pulpit in February, 2014 to devote more time to other ministries and do more writing; will revive the Rocky Mountain Christian in January, 2017.